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What Room Escape?

In an escape room, you and your buddies will be locked in a room with a time limit of 60 minutes. To get out and escape, you must solve a variety of different logic and functional puzzles. The tasks will require fast thinking and creativity and above all – teamwork. Physical strentgh is not of any use in these games.
Room escape games are immersive and addicting logic games, perfect for a night out with friends, a birthday- or bachelor(ette) party or a team building day wit mates from work. A room can be played with a team of 2-6 players with the ideal group size being 2-4.
With our two rooms we can host games for 12 players at a time.

Our rooms are located in the city center near the train and bus terminals. Address:  Läntinen Pitkäkatu 21-23 A -lähellä kauppatoria sekä bussi- ja juna-asemia.

On the run with mates from work!

An escape room is a perfect number for your team-building day on christmas party! Request an offer for a suitable date:

We offer two rooms:

Room 1: The Creepy Circus

pakohuone: the Creepy Circus

Some join voluntarily, others do not…

The Cuchillo Brothers’ circus has been touring for decades. A trail of missing persons’ reports seems to be following the same path.
Recruiting volunteers for assistants has become more and more troublesome.  Has the knife thrower’s aim degraded with age or are the magician’s disappearing acts working all too well? 

You find yourself and your friends disoriented and drowsy at the back room. The show starts in an hour. Don’t stick around to see what it has in store for you…

A classic escape room with a variety of puzzles requiring both logic and creativity.

Difficulty: Intermediate, suitable for beginners

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Room 2: The Hunter 

Pakohuone 2: The Hunter

”Count Bogdan Leshuk is said to be the greatest hunter the world has ever seen. His collection boasts everything from ’extinct’ sabre-tooth tigers to white rhinoes. He has literally hunted everything on the face of the earth.

Almost everything.

The final prey is still to be caught and the his obsession does not give him peace. This will not be your regular hunt. It would be to easy.”


The Hunter is a demanding two-stage escape adventure with functional and logic puzzles.

Difficulty: Hard

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