Room: Battleships


Your sub has come into trouble and left adrift on hostile waters

Since you haven’t been able to respond to calls from gathering enemy ships, you have been declared an enemy and the ships have launched torpedoes to sink your sub. You can probably take the first one, but any more would be fatal. There is only one hour…

There is an escape pod on the boat but the passage leading to freedom has been flooded. You may be able to acces the pod via a service tunnel, but can you make it in time?

This room is also available in Battle mode where two groups compete for the only escape pod on the sub. (see booking page)

Naturally Battleships! can be played in the traditional fromat with groups of 2 to 5 people.

Good to know:
This game is suitable for both beginners and more experienced escapees, but beware: Submarines are compact and not suitable for people with severe claustropobia…

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