Game rules


In a Room Escape Game you will be locked inside a room for 60 minutes. Your aim is to get out by solving a sequence of riddles and puzzles.

Game Progress

The tasks are solved with logical thinking and creativity. Physical strength is not needed. If you are stuck in a puzzle, you can ask for a hint at any time.  This is a game. You can stop playing whenever you feel like it.
Our personnel will be following you with cameras.

Number of players
The ideal group size in 3-5, but the rooms can be solved in pairs and in groups as big as 6 players. In a big group, essential communication becomes harder and it’s harder to keep track of progress. Our Bunker room is max. 4 players.


Our games are available in English and Finnish.

Game Time
You should arrive 10 minutes before the set game time to prepare. If you miss your start, your game time will be deduced accordingly.


Wear your normal clothing.

Pictures in rooms
We don’t want any spoilers of our puzzles around the internet, so if you want to be photographed inside the room, please ask the game master for a setting.

Payment methods
We take cash, cards and Smartum/Edenred/Eazybreak/Epassi Bills and mobile payments.

You can cancel free of charge 24h before game time via the cancellation link in your booking confirmation. In other cases we will send for a 50€ cancellation fee.

People with disabilities
Unfortunately our rooms are not accessible with wheelchair. For more information, please contact staff: (info@escapeartist.fi)

Who it’s NOT for
If you are claustrophobic or have serious anxiety issues, talk to your doctor before booking. Or book our Crime Scene room which is technically not an escape.

The games require fast thinking and solid logical skills, so please be sober.
We claim the right to  remove from the game any person who is intoxicated or behaves in such a manner..

Ok for kids?
The Treasure Hunter room is designed specifically with families and groups with kids in mind. We designed most of our other games for primarily for adults, and recommend an age limit of 15 due to the creepy/anxiety factor. That said, a lot of younger kids accompanied by parents/adults have enjoyed playing these as well.

Open chat
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