Room: The Crime Scene

Francisco “Paco” Juanéz is standing trial for murder

Two men entered. Only one came out. The case is a no-brainer, but it is turning into a catastrophe in the court room. Everyone knows Paco is guilty, but evidence is missing.

The city’s most notorious crime boss has even half the police department wrapped around his little finger, and he is about to walk free. There are two major problems:

1) Paco’s Alibi: The victim was shot in Juanèz’s office where he had arrived for a meeting with the accused. The bullets entered through the shattered window from outside. At the same time, the surveillance camera filming the only door of the office shows that Paco did not step out.

2) The Murder Weapon is still missing. Word on the street blames sloppy crime scene investigation, but nonetheless without a gun, it cannot be placed in Paco’s hand.

The trial starts in an hour and any new evidence has to be submitted by that time.
Your team of forensics investigators launch out for a last desparate attempt to find critical evidence. Can you locate the murder weapon in time?

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