The Treasure Hunter

The Treasure Hunter 

Your friend and colleague – the famous archaeologist and treasure hunter prof. Bones is in trouble!
Bones was lured to the arctic to locate an ancient viking treasure, that doesn’t exist. It was an evil scheme by his arch enemy Hermann Ernst and its sole purpose was to lure Bones out of his study, so Ernst can break in and steal the treasure Bones found in his latest mission. Ystävänne ja kolleganne – kuuluisa arkeologi ja aarteenmetsästäjä professori Bones on pulassa!
Bones reaches you with a message before a snowstorm breaks his signal: “Find and bring to safety my most valuable treasures, before Ernst arrives to raid my study”.
This escape room is rather a mystery room with a variety of puzzles to entertain groups of adults – but also families with young kids.

Varaa aika

Difficulty: 6,5/10

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