The Bunker

Bunker escape

Like your Grandpa always said “Come apocalypse, It’s best to keep an eye on it from a distance”.
Like our other concerd clients, you decided it’s best to sit this one out and have yourselves deep freezed in an underground bunker. Dreaming sweetly and waiting for a better tommorrow, when the dust has settled.
Unfortunately, you had to go for the budget model… Still, with high hopes, you stepped in to the cryo-freeze chamber.

Suddenly an error in the cryogenics freeze process wakes you up. A precaution that occurs when life-support in the bunker has failed! You have air for an hour. The unexpcted wake-up has left you with amnesia and you can’t remember how you ended up where you are or how to get out?

Our latest Escape Room is suitable for groups of 2-4.

Difficulty: 8/10

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