Prices & Booking

You can book one of our rooms  here.

Varaa aika

Note: On special occasions such as bachelor parties or company events, you can also contact us via email. We regularly offer times on weekday evenings and weekends, but we can agree on other dates and times beforehand as well.

Our reservatin calendar reaches max 60 days ahead. If you want to book further than this, please be in touch via email.

Note that game times can be added daily, so if you are missing a suitable time, check again later.

5-6 players 22e / pax  (Note: during march 2021 we limit max players to 5)
4 players 27e / pax 
3 players 32e / pax 
2 players 39e / pax


4-5 players: 30€/pax (Note: during march 2021 we limit max players to 5)

6-7 players: 25€/pax

8-10 players: 22€/pax


– Debit & Credit cards
– Cash
– Invoice (companies)
– Smartum, Edenred, Epassi and Eazybreak bills and app.

Student / Pensioner discount 5€ off list price – valid from sunday to thursday
Gift cards
You can also purchase a gift card for a desired number of players. Please contact info(a) for delivery and invoicing. You can pick up the gift card on site* or pay in advance and have it mailed.
(*contact us for a pick-up time)