The Wizard’s keep

The Wizard’s Keep
You found a wallet on the street, with a peculiar looking id-card and receipts from strange-sounding businesses. Out of the kindness of your hearts, you decided to return the wallet to the place of the latest receipt: The Cauldron. Upon entering the facility you are immediately arrested as the owner of said wallet and taken by strange looking men that look nothing like the police.
Now you find your group in a rather nasty place: The international prison for witches and wizards. This morning you were pretty confident you didn’t possess magical powers. Now you wish you did.
You are in luck though – You overheard the previous occupant of this cell has left behind some of his magical posssesions. Maybe there is hope after all?

Good to know:

This room is a tip of the hat to our favorite pupils of the school of wizards. The room is designed to accomodate groups of adults but also families with younger children who are already in school, just like our Treasure Hunter -room. For experienced groups the room offers a more relaxing pace and maybe enjoyed more in a smaller group size.
Difficulty 5,5/10
Note: There are narrow passages in the room.

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